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Brigadeiro is part of the Brazilian culture, truly a national icon. A sweet common dessert, loved by children and adults. Everyone that savor it enjoy it for it’s versatility to all tastes and palates. The brigadeiro is suitable for innumerable occasions: from children’s birthday parties to luxurious events. It is often more anticipated than the traditional birthday cake. So you know it must be good if some people prefer brigadeiro over cake. Some people say it resembles fudges or truffles, but once you try it you will immediately know the difference.


A gourmet product is above all made with ingredients of the highest quality possible (not necessarily Belgium), and no generic condensed milk. It is a product without pellets, made with the utmost care in order to be the best of its kind in taste, point and also the freshness.

A life-long dream

Although the Brigadeiro was created in the 40's in Brazil, it has been modernized and improved to satisfy every tastebud. With the desire to share the love of eating Brigadeiro with the World Edvone Goncalves started the virtual store She’s fulfilling a life-long dream, and she fully dedicates it to her mother who has taught her the love for the culinary arts. She has the pleasure of sharing her unparalleled love of making, and of course, eating brigadeiros, an authentic Brazilian dessert. With a sincere “Thank you” to a very special mother… So to you, she presents “ Nina Brigadeiro Gourmet”.

Nina Brigadeiro Box


The boxes from Nina Gourmet Brigadeiro are not your typical chocolate boxes, they are beyond that. They are modern, elegant and full of personality. Every single detail carefully crafted by Edvone Goncalves, the founder and CEO of the company.

Brigadeiro Catering

Catering & Samples

Brigadeiros are for all occasions. Whether it’s for a birthday party, corporate event, baby shower, bridal shower, you name it, we work very hard striving for perfection on all of our orders. You tell us what you need and we will make it happen. From simple traditional Brigadeiro order to an all customized party favors. All you have to do is fill out the form below and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote for your event.
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The flavor of brigadeiro is something that it's associated with the affective memory of Brazilians. Since it’s something that tastes so fantastically good for it’s versatility , Nina Gourmet Brigadeiro decided it would be a great idea to share such delicious treats with every nationality out there and let everyone feel what us, Brazilians, feel when we eat brigadeiros!


At Nina Gourmet Brigadeiro you can choose from over 30 different flavors of Brigadeiros.

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Sweet smooth taste that melts in your mouth, extremely tasty & sophisticated.

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The brigadeiro is a common Brazilian delicacy, created in 1940. It is common throughout the entire country...

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Once a chocolate lover tries Brigadeiros it automatically goes to the top of their list.

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